Relationship: Client
Industry: Information Technology - B2B
Testimonial: "DDW brought us back to the very basics and got us to rethink our entire image from the ground up. We started with our mission statement. We had one, but I never gave it much thought. One of the first conversations with Monique was comparing our mission statement with that of our competitor. It was a shot of cold water across the face, but we needed to hear it. We have a superior product but we were being 'out marketed' and it showed just from an analysis of our mission statement. Since then, DDW guided us to a better message and better image that connects more powerfully with our target market. The response to date has been extremely positive. "

Relationship: Client
Industry: Medical Manufacturing, B2B
Testimonial: "Your work on our behalf has resulted in several new accounts with a potential of over $5 Million in new sales. You are very gifted and do excellent work. Thanks for helping make AMT a success."

Relationship: Client
Industry: Holding Company/Grocery Testimonial: “Monique Danielle was a pleasure to work with. She is dynamic, direct, intensely creative, and extremely professional. I am very pleased with the branding work she did for me. I would recommend her to anyone …”

Testimonial: ”You listened to who and what my company is and developed, a consistent theme. Not your theme .... but my theme. Your ego didn’t get in the way. . . . . I was comfortable and at ease with you at the helm.”

Relationship: Client
Industry:Health & Wellness, Consumer Focused
Testimonial: “Monique has been very helpful in coordinating and implementing marketing strategies for my business. She has shown strong dedication to meeting my needs, objectives and project deadlines. She produces exceptional products that are clear, comprehensive and reflect a high level of detailed preparation. She consistently exhibits strong writing skills and has demonstrated her initiative and resourcefulness in project management. Monique has excellent interpersonal skills and maintains strong working relations. She maintains an open perspective to ideas of others and graciously accepts recommendations.”

Relationship: Client
Industry: Aircraft Parts, Consumer Focused
Testimonial: "The website that DivaDesignWorld built for us literally paid for itself the day it launched."

Relationship: Direct Report/Contractor
Industry: Value Added Food/Grocery, B2B & Consumer Focused
Testimonial: "Monique has a keen sense of how to craft a message for public relations and marketing purposes."

Relationsip: Federal Contact for Grant Monies
Industry: Agriculture Export, Government
Testimonial: "Monique has been instrumental in advancing our goals in the Western Region. She is easy to work with and alway responsive to my requests."

Relationship: Client
Industry: Fine Art, Consumer Focused
Testimonial: "The project went much more smoothly than Bert and I would have ever imagined. . . you exceeded our expectations "

Relationship: Supervisor
Industry: Marketing/Value Added Food Export, B2B & Nonprofit
Testimonial: "Monique has dramatically improved our marketing program. . .as a result we've experienced a substantial increase in our client base. "




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